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Raleigh to Georgia distance

The driving distance or the travel distance from Raleigh to Georgia is 439.6 Miles. The straight line distance from Raleigh to Georgia is 349.3 Miles. The kilometer based traveling distance is 707.45 KM and the KM based straight line distance is 562.1 KM.

Raleigh location and Georgia location

Raleigh is located at the latitude of 35.7795894 and the longitude of -78.6381679. Raleigh is situated at the latitude of 32.1657398 and the longitude of -82.8994786. The traveling source point address is Raleigh, NC, USA. The destination travel point address is Georgia, USA.

Raleigh to Georgia travel time

The travel time between Raleigh and Georgia is 6.34 hours. We assumed that you are traveling at the speed of 60km per hour from Raleigh to Georgia. The given travel time between Raleigh to Georgia may vary based on the travel route, speed and consistent traveling.

Raleigh location and Georgia fuel cost

The Fuel cost( Gas cost , Petrol cost) to travel from Raleigh location to Georgia is 58.95 USD. The given fuel cost may vary based on the fuel consumption of your vehicle and varying price of the fuel. ;

Raleigh travel distance calculator

You are welcome to find the travel distance calculation from raleigh You are viewing the page distance from raleigh to georgia. This page may provide answer for the following queries. what is the distance between Raleigh to Georgia ?. How far is Raleigh from Georgia ?. How many kilometers between Raleigh and Georgia ?. What is the travel time between Raleigh and Georgia. How long will it take to reach Georgia from Raleigh?. What is the geographical coordinates of Raleigh and Georgia?. The given driving distance from Georgia to Raleigh may vary based on various route.